Phone Systems

Whether considering a traditional circuit based system or a Voice-over-IP phone system, Uni-Tel Technologies can recommend, design and install a wide variety of telephony solutions. We have the experience and resources in design of Cisco, Nortel and Avaya systems to mention a few.

More businesses than ever are migrating to a single network carrying voice and data. This process is called convergence, and it’s revolutionizing the world of telecommunications by slashing costs and empowering users. The technology driving this convergence is called VoIP, or Voice over IP.

While the primary reason for migrating to VoIP is cost, as it equalizes the costs of long distance calls and local calls to fractions of a traditional cost, it is also important to consider how VoIP allows businesses to create telecom and data solutions using a single, cohesive networking platform. Users of the network can make and receive phone calls from both the PSTN and via VoIP.  All sorts of IP devices are able to share the same network.  With VoIP, everything is digital so the same network that provides internet access, email and database access for your PC can also provide telephone service.  The telephone simply becomes another device on the network.